Real Estate: 4 Tips for a Successful Open House

According to a survey conducted by Inman News among real estate professionals, it was found that nearly 70 percent of respondents have sold a home thanks to an open house. Consumers still want their agents to offer open houses, and more than two thirds of real estate pros believe that virtual tours are not likely to replace open houses. Therefore, whether you go about it on your own or preferably with the help of a real estate professional, here are some tips to successfully hold an open house:

Clean and Clean Some More

This may be left unsaid, but the importance of showing off a clean, well-maintained, and clutter-free house cannot be emphasized enough. If possible, hire professional house cleaners and have the carpets cleaned and the windows washed. These may be additional expenses but the positive results can be well worth the investment. A spotless home is easier to stage and attracts more potential buyers.

 Maximize Technology

Leading real estate agents know that online marketing is a critical aspect of selling a house. People looking for houses for sale in Menifee, CA or other areas can simply take out their mobile phones and click a real estate app. Your trusted agent can also advertise your property using high-quality photos and content on popular real estate websites that are frequented by homebuyers.

 Provide Information

Whatever you or your agent says during the open house may or may not be recalled by prospective buyers, so it’s best to come up with brochures or flyers that have photos of the house and its salient features. You may also opt to include payment or loan information in the brochures.


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