Houses for Sale: The Truth about the Spring Fling

You’ve all heard of “spring cleaning,” or that time in the year when you finally open your doors and windows to let in the cool breeze after months of being cooped up during winter. It’s not just to let the springtime breeze come in, though, but also to take out the extra things you have accumulated during the winter. Spring, therefore, is the perfect opportunity to start afresh and anew, a time to declutter, and a symbol for renewal and change–sometimes even of addresses, literally.

It is perhaps this association with spring that gives the impression that it is the best time to buy and sell property.  Is there any truth, however, to this real estate myth?

The Real Situation

Despite the many favorable elements supporting the claim that spring is the best time to buy houses, statistics show that it’s actually in the fall and winter that is the most fitting time to do so.

It’s easy to appreciate a property in perfect weather conditions–that’s a given. The lawns are greener, the paint look fresher, and the atmosphere is just a lot friendlier in general. In other words, spring helps sellers present their homes to buyers in the best way possible.

If you check out the homes for sale during the fall and winter, however, it should help give you a more objective and sober approach to determining if it’s something that could fit your needs. In fact, real estate agents consider buyers during fall and winter to be the serious buyers. Although spring and summer generate more visits, these do not necessarily translate to actual sales.

This is why it’s important that you seek help from professional real estate agents. They should be able to help you find what you’re looking for–regardless of season.


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