Prepare Before Advertising, Negotiating or Selling

There are times when homeowners would like to move on from their current homes. This is when homeowners must prepare their houses before selling. It is an important part in getting your home to become presentable as well as to sell it for a good price.


Preparing your house for sale would include three things: appearance and maintenance, which includes repainting, general cleaning, and small maintenance to make it look like new again. Appearance is one of the most important things to prepare before marketing a house.

Maintenance is essential to get top dollar.  This applies to the interior and exterior of the home. Any item in the home that is not working or that needs some TLC, get it done. This relates to appliances, window screens, door locks, painting and yard work to name a few. Prepare the home so that it is move-in ready.

Advertising, Negotiating, and Selling

Advertising and negotiating would come after preparation and contacting an agent. By partnering with agents, the home will be listed and promoted to reach the most buyers. Negotiations would soon start as interested buyers step forward, and from here, the home that you have prepared can be sold quickly and efficiently.


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