Attractions in Menifee

Menifee offers people different things to do. Below are just some of them.

Sun City Library

Located on Cherry Hills Blvd., the Sun City Library is a public library offering a wide selection of books just like any classic library, but steps onto the modern side by offering audio books. It’s a kid-friendly place due to its kiddie activities. Visitors love its wide range of offerings and helpful staff.

Motte Historical Museum

The Motte Historical Museum was founded in 2007. It mainly showcases the change that happened to the surrounding valley area over the years. Some of the most popular attractions of the museum are the collection of restored classic cars and the 1985 barn made entirely of salvaged materials. Visiting the museum is ideal for the whole family.

Painted Earth

Painted Earth is an art and pottery studio on Haun Road. It provides a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere for people to explore their creative spirit. Here, families and friends can celebrate and create their own unique piece of art.

Menifee Lakes Country Club

For golf lovers, the Menifee Lakes Country Club is a great place. It offers 36 holes with playable fairways and true-rolling greens. Interested people can book online.


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