Defining the Roles of Real Estate Agent and Broker

When it comes to real estate transactions, homebuyers and sellers usually seek the assistance of real estate agents and real estate brokers since they are the experts in the industry. There can, however, be some confusion regarding their roles, and that’s why it is prudent to know the difference between them. Read on for a look at what makes real estate brokers different from agents.

Difference in Roles

Real estate agents take the responsibility of presenting their clients─ whether buyer or seller, depending on their specialization─ with the necessary elements of the transaction to buy or sell their property. They manage home listings, negotiations, filing of different contacts, and guide their clients until they close a deal.

On the other hand, although real estate brokers engage in sales activities too, they have their own real estate offices and oversee the activities of their employees, who are sales agents. They evaluate not only the transactions that their employees engage in, but also their work ethics and professionalism whenever they deal with prospective clients.

In a nutshell, real estate agents focus on ensuring that they meet their client’s requirements while real estate brokers perform more tasks that aren’t limited to their transactions such as property investments. Furthermore, brokers have more education when compared to an agent, depending on the state they’re practicing in.


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